Pura Vida was born in 2001. I was born in 1976 (please don't do the math...) to hippie parents in Southern Vermont. They believed in growing their own ORGANIC food, and steered away from "conventional medicines". I grew up running away from the homeopathic remedies, the flower essence tinctures, and the nuts and berries that would "make me better". I believed i wanted real Tylonol, and immunizations like all the other kids.

When i had children of my own, i realized that we are entrusted with these PURE beings, these TOXIN-FREE humans, and to put just any ol' products either IN their bellies or on their bodies that wasn't necessary would be endangering their health. i began to research the ingredients in products in my constant search to keep mosquitoes at bay, or soothe a painful babies diaper rash.

I decided that unless i made these products myself, I would not feel right about using just anything.

My first products were Bug Dope~ A natural Bug Deterrant and Organic Calendula Salve, made with fresh Calendula flowers that i grew in my gardens.

Soon after that i opened a store in Putney Vermont, soon moving to a bigger location in Brattleboro, where our flagship store is still located today at 44 Harmony Place.

I have been blessed to travel all over selling my products, always improving and expanding my line. I use Organic products whenever possible, and make everything in small batches to keep freshness and quality priority #1.

Wholesale orders are welcomed. Please contact us at info@vermontoils.com for a current price list and minimum purchase requirements.

CUSTOM PRINTING NOW AVAILABLE! Weddings, Unions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16, etc...

We will make custom labels for party favors... EXAMPLE: Emily's Sweet 16 Carly & Joe 11/11/11 Happy Holidays from the Clarks

Please contact us directly about all custom orders.

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By email: judiabruno@yahoo.com

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Pura Vida
44 Harmony Place
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We offer FREE Shipping on all orders of $100 or more, shipped to a single address in the United States.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Due to the nature of our products we cannot accept returns.

We stand behind our products & customer satisfaction is our goal.
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